Mar 17, 2015 9:37AM

Ryan Gosling's SXSW Panel Turns Into A Wedding Proposal

Crazy, stupid, love.

Love follows Ryan Gosling wherever he goes. Just yesterday, during a film Q&A panel at SXSW (which is pretty much the driest and most unromantic setting imaginable), love was in the air.

As Ryan and the Lost River cast members answered questions about working on his directorial debut, a woman's heart started racing. Sitting in the audience, she realised that this was the perfect moment to ask her girlfriend of 11 years to marry her. Because who wouldn't want to declare their eternal love in the presence of the suavest human alive?

The spontaneous proposal, despite being totally weird, was very cute. Our only qualm is that the proposer didn't use a Ryan Gosling quote to pop the question.

Skip to 11:50 to witness tru love:

GIFs: Tumblr

Lucy Jones