Nov 10, 2015 11:41AM

Senate Dismisses Dumb Motion To Protect Pro-Life Protestors

Harassment ≠ free speech.

ICYMI, the Greens have been campaigning to reform abortion laws to increase accessibility and affordability of abortions in Australia. One of their initiatives is setting up privacy zones around abortion clinics that'll prevent protesters from doing their abortion-shaming thing. 

This week, a man without a uterus/LNP senator, Matthew Canavan, put forward a motion saying "legislation banning peaceful protest from public areas is an attack on a fundamental right", meaning freedom of speech. To be clear, the "peaceful protest" he is talking about is that which is performed by the trash that hang around abortion clinics.

Obviously, this is a motion that is immediately rage-inducing and scary. Especially when nutters with the power to make changes are marching around framing these kinds of arguments with, "The nation has fought wars for democracy, for freedom of speech and for the right to protest." Pls. No one fought any wars so that crazy people could make women feel bad about making their own decisions about their own bodies. 

Greens senator Larissa Waters jumped in and called the motion "clumsy and amateur." True. She also convinced Labor to stand by her and defeat the motion with a good level of rational thinking. 

"Anyone who disagrees with abortion should be free to voice their beliefs but not to upset or intimidate women outside of clinics when they're clearly in vulnerable and difficult circumstances," she said.

"This is not a freedom of speech issue, this is an issue of safe and accessible healthcare. Women have the legal right to medical privacy and the human right to make choices about their own health without interference or harassment. We must defend the right to protest but not in the way which infringes on the right of an individual to access services for herself."

Preach. Now let's get those safe access zones set up all over the country, and fully decriminalise abortion in NSW.

Photo: Tumblr

Hayley Morgan