Feb 13, 2014 10:06AM

Shia LaBeouf Crashes Fashion Lecture

Situationism 101.
Shia LaBeouf's recent paper-bag-on-head stunt was a sign of the blossoming of a new and reborn Shia LaBeouf. A Shia LaBeouf that is keen on justifying his recent plagiarisms by plagiarising even more, under the philosophical protection of the short-lived Situationist Internationale movement of the 60s, of which he is obvs fond. The French student group, lead by DIY philosopher Guy Debord was all about detournment — turning The Spectacle (consumer culture in all its guises) on its head via its own means of production. Every sign and symbol within The Spectacle is fair game, therefore no text or work is sacred and LaBeouf can plagiarise all he wants, because art. 
Apparently, the Nymphomaniac actor and director recently Skyped a lecture held at the London College of Fashion, to give the MA Fashion Photography students present a lesson in the disruptive arts. The class was called 'Fashion Spectacle' so naturally, Shia read aloud the first chapter of Guy Debord's most famous work, The Society of the Spectacle. For 20 minutes. The man is clearly not in it for the media hype alone and just like many first year arts students before him, he's discovered a text he can rely on — one that elevates his recent behaviour from recklessness to artistic/political statement. Go forward Shia! And may The Spectacle be smashed into a thousand tiny pieces and thrown to the wind with the ghosts of historical irrelevants.
Read Shia's Metamodernist Manifesto right here.