Jun 22, 2016 8:30PM

Shia LaBeouf Takes A Hectic Road Trip With Rebel Youths In 'American Honey' Trailer [Watch]

Nothing gold can stay.
Andrea Arnold, director of excellent/heartbreaking coming of age flick Fish Tank, has seemingly done it again with her new film American Honey. A stirring and at times hectic road trip plot, and also the reason Shia LaBeouf had been growing that ratty.
The film got some true praise at Cannes, calling it "generation defining", with Variety's Guy Lodge pitting it against Spring Breakers in his review: "While exhilarating as sensory spectacle, American Honey perhaps works most satisfyingly as a femme-driven corrective to Harmony Korine's comparable but inferior Spring Breakers, a notional girl-power exercise that muted its female characters' perspective in favour of James Franco's gonzo mentor figure. That's not an error [Andrea] Arnold makes." 
In the trailer we see golden sun pouring over a group of young ~rebels~ who're tripping around the country making cash off crap magazine subscriptions. Alongside Shia, it stars a Confederate flag bikini clad Riley Keough (The Girlfriend Experience), as well as Shia's former IRL and onscreen love interest Sasha Lane—a runaway who makes some pretty questionable decisions. 
The film currently has no release date.

Hayley Morgan