Jun 29, 2017 10:04PM

Social Snaps: All The Cuties At Brian Anderson's 'Cave Homo' Zine Launch

Hey fam.
Full Skate ledge Brian Anderson launched his Cave Homo zine in NYC last weekend. Brian is an important guy to the skate community because he can do some pretty mad tricks. And also because he told the world about his sexual orientation in a Vice Sports video. He's not the first gay skater to ever exist, but he's certainly one of the most prominent pros to be open about his homosexuality. 
Cave Homo is more a book than a zine. It's a photo-heavy study of Brian's current position in life with flicks from Christian Trippe and design by Luke Williams. It's great. Check the gallery above for all the cuties (Sage Elsesser and Sean Pablo) who came to support. 

BA in Cave Homo. Grab a copy on cavehomo.com before they're gone!

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Photography: James Robinson

Hayley Morgan