Jun 30, 2015 1:21PM

Sofia Coppola Joins Marc Jacobs' Epic Campaign Line-up

Thanks for existing!

Yesterday it was Winona, and today it's Sofia Coppola joining Marc Jacobs' already amazing campaign crew of CherAnthony Kiedis and Willow Smith (just to name a few). It appears Marc is very determined to outdo every other fashion campaign ever by continuing to make good choices when it comes to best friends/personal heroes.

Marc once again turned to Instagram to share the news, and the love for his life-long friend Sofia Coppola.

He posted the hella glam campaign image along with the following mini-essay about his work with Sofia:

"This next photo I am 'leaking' is (along with Cher's portrait) one of my very favourites from this 'album' photographed by David Sims of our Fall/Winter collections. I met Sofia Coppola just after I showed my now 'credited' (by some!) GRUNGE collection for Perry Ellis in 1992. Sofia was one of the few who recognised something special and related to what I was doing at that time. She wanted to meet me, and when we did, it was love at first sight for me! Not only was I attracted to how she looked, her sense of style, I was drawn to her manner. Her behaviour, her life, her ambitions and creativity," he starts, and then goes on to talk about all the times they've worked together. <3 

The woman responsible for some of the most iconic images of dreamy teens (via Virgin Suicides) looks pretty fine in front of the camera. She sends some very sassy Cruella de Ville vibes and shows off her strong profile.

To celebrate this latest addition this ridiculous campaign line-up, let's look back at some of the best moments Sofia has given us...

This opening scene, and the perfectly cast Lisbon sisters.

The cutest cute boy ever (who was still inferior to a young Kirsten Dunst), the best use of the phrase "stone cold fox".

The concept of communicating via records.

All of the cross fades.

Scar Jo and Bill Murray small talk.

One of the best karaoke scenes ever.

The most satisfying end to a movie.

The combination of this song/scene/everything.

Emma Watson as a badass.

Elle Fanning doing stuff.

Thanks, Sofia!

Photos: Instagram and @marcjacobs 
GIFs: Tumblr

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