Jan 08, 2016 8:44AM

Solange Knowles And Amandla Stenberg Get Deep On Black Girl Magic

Can you feel it?
Two very powerful and cool ladies, Solange Knowles and Amandla Stenberg, recently met each other for the first time. It's a true wonder that ~destiny~ didn't bring these babes together sooner, but Teen Vogue nudged it along a little bit when they asked Solange to do the interview for Amandla's cover story. 
"I may not have prepared," Solange writes. "But I sure as hell felt inspired by our honesty with each other and ready to take on the world sprinkling black girl magic in every crevice of the universe."
The two talk about identity, "When I was 12 and I got cast in The Hunger Games, and people called me the N-word and said that the death of my character, Rue, would be less sad because I was black," Amandla says. "That was the first moment I realised being black was such a crucial part of my identity in terms of the way that I was perceived and how it would affect any line of work that I wanted to pursue."
Adding, "I think, honestly, social media has changed that in a lot of ways because in the past you could look only to movies or TV or music or celebrities in order to feel like you had representation. Now you can go on Instagram and you can see a girl who looks like you who is killing the game and expressing herself. Just being able to see that is so affirming." Yes fam!
They talk about Amandla's posse of great humans including Kiernan Shipka, Willow Smith, Tavi Gevinson, "Well, Kiernan has been by my side since the beginning. Willow is amazing. I feel like we were just meant to be friends. We were kind of vibing off each other from afar, and then she hit me up and was like, 'Let’s hang out!' She has the most magnetic, radiant energy ever. Whenever we hang out we just laugh and we sing and we dance and we go hiking. And then Tavi—I was the biggest Rookie fan since forever. I checked it daily, hourly. Then Rookie asked me to do an interview, and now Tavi is one of my closest friends. We talk about everything and bounce ideas off each other; I send her some of my scripts, and she sends them back. I have a friend who has this thing called 'shine theory,' which basically says that when you become friends with other powerful, like-minded people, you all just shine brighter." Um. We feel this.
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Hayley Morgan