Apr 30, 2014 11:52AM

Solange x ASOS

Talks about the music industry, the evolution of her style and Bey.

Solange Knowles, fashion and music icon (plus sister to Beyonce), is the new covergirl for ASOS magazine and delivers a devastating sartorial blow in the interview — she's no longer rocking prints like it's her job. Fresh from her collaboration with PUMA and performing/partying at Coachella, the actual coolest girl in the business admits to suffering from "print fatigue". We get it. Still though, let's all take a moment of silence to mourn the print maestro stage in Solange's fashion life. Once you've done that, read highlights from the interview below! 

On the industry:
"There is so much beauty to a lot of the industry...but a lot of it I think is really, really shit. There are times you see the people running things, and you think, there's no way that I feel, as a young artist, that I'm not capable of making those decisions. I really connected with the young black labels – the Bad Boys, the Roc-A-Fellas, the Ca$h Moneys...these young guys, saying we're going to do it ourselves. Not only do I want to it myself on the music front, I want to put it out myself and see it through in every aspect, which feels really rewarding."

On sister Beyonce and her work ethic:
"I have never seen anything like it in my life, from anyone. It's absolutely insane. Now that she's become a mother, and the way that she's able to balance that is so inspiring, If I am ever feeling like I want to open up my mouth and complain about how hard I am working, I think, 'Uhhh! Sit down!'".

On her life in New Orleans:
"You can walk out of your home and experience 12 different things that you've never seen before. And which other city can you walk around with a mask on and it's OK? I'm able to roll around anonymously all the time. It's really nice that I live between here and Brooklyn – it's nice to have the ying and yang of those two cities."