Mar 30, 2017 7:56PM

Suss The BTS 'Ghost In The Shell' Footage Ft. Bloopers And That Thermoptic Suit

Hype is on overdrive before the release of the live-action remake of icon anime Ghost in the Shell. We've got the final full-length trailer plus a little bit of BTS and blooper action to get us into gear. Most interesting, is some recently released footage that details the making of ScarJo's 'thermoptic' suit.
Some v intensely soundtracked footage shows the remake coming together with some pretty hectic fight scenes, plus some new footage of Michael Pitt's villain. Major's coming-to-life scene is pretty amazing to watch, too. Watch it below:
For all the nerds out there, MythBusters' Adam Savage has shot an incred ep for his Tested series that goes through the making of the 'thermoptic' suit. It's real good:
Ghost in the Shell hits cinemas March 31.

Hayley Morgan