Nov 27, 2015 11:39AM

Tavi Gevinson Gets Real In New Podcast About Cool Women [Listen]

On fashion, feminism and authenticity.

Do you every get really, really sick of the way women, and more specifically "young feminists" are framed in the media? We live in a world where being a female is often interpreted as a qualifier that impacts on one's professional life — e.g: women getting asked, "What's it like to be a FEMALE comedian?", a question that a male comedian would pretty much never encounter. While inequality is still definitely a thing, this is an approach that free-thinking people are getting pretty bored of pretty quickly.

Enter: Cavern of Secrets, a new podcast hosted by comedian Lauren Mitchell that spotlights creative people who happen to be women. "I just want to talk to women who are cool, who are doing stuff, who are making art. And I want to know about the process. I want to know about the things that, honestly, most people ignore when they are talking to women," explains Lauren, before introducing the podcasts first guest — Tavi Gevinson.

The pair go on to talk about a wide range of topics including how the mainstream media frames feminism, their technologically-challenged parents, and how fashion and feminism are not mutually exclusive. Their conversation is funny, smart, earnest and a breath of really fresh air in a world full of buzz-issues.

Here are just a few of the smart things they said…

On women being asked if they're feminists:

Lauren: "Interviewers asking celebrity women, 'Are you a feminist?' That's fascinating to me because I think asking them that questions because you know it's going to elicit a certain response is disrespectful on women's humanity."

Tavi: "Yeah, I agree. I mean it always bothers me. I think there's a list somewhere jokingly, a joking list, of who is and isn't a feminist according to just the headlines. And I think it just bothers me because it makes feminism feel like: 'Are you with us or against us?', and it makes feminism seem like a buzzword and not a really complicated movement, set of beliefs…"

On fashion:

Lauren: "I think that this wave, or whatever we're going to call it, of feminism where the idea that being interested in what you're wearing and interested in what you look like is not mutually exclusive from being political. That makes a lot of sense to me."

On making authentic work:

Tavi:"I have a deeply ingrained stubbornness about authenticity and not be a coward and earnestness conquering over irony."

If you found those snippets interesting then we suggest blocking off the next 40 minutes and listening to their convo.
Photo: @tavitulle

Lucy Jones