Apr 05, 2017 5:22AM

Tavi Launches 'Rookie' Podcast, Chats To Lorde About 'Green Light' Inspo

Mates <3
Publishing genius Tavi Gevinson just launched her Rookie podcast. It's smart as ever, obviously, with a reoccurring segment 'Ask A Grown' that this week will teach you about careers. Plus an interview with Tavi's cool mate Lorde.
The pair discuss the making of Lorde's forthcoming record Melodrama, with a focus on the first single 'Green Light'. Lorde says her first ideas came after going to a Florence + The Machine with Jack Antonoff, and then she shares an early demo of 'Green Light', which is essentially a phone recording of a jam with her and Jack.
You can subscribe to the Rookie podcast here, and listen to the episode below. The demo plays around the 25-minute mark.

Hayley Morgan