Oct 06, 2011 12:00AM

Terry Richardson and Olivier Zahm Fight to the Death

Whose pics of boobs, Kanye, Lindsay (Wixson and Lohan), the Olsen twins, Jared Leto and Jeremy Scott are better?

Two of the most prolific and famous documentarians of the nubile young beauties of our time go head to head in this, Oyster's Battle of the Photographic Provocateurs. Luckily for all of us they've been taking eerily similar shots for the past two weeks.

On the left we have photographs by Terry Richardson. Seen at all the hottest events sporting his trademark glasses and check shirt, Richardson is most famous for his commoditisation of beautiful young female flesh. A notorious figure both in front of and behind the camera, being shot by Terry guarantees high exposure for the subject - in more ways than one.

On the right we have editor of Purple magazine, Olivier Zahm. Seen about many a town with many a lovely lady in arm, sunglasses shading his eyes and shirt unbuttoned as far as humanly possible, Zahm's Purple Diary blog documents his decadent lifestyle. Most famous for his artistic expositions of naked young women in beautiful surroundings, Zahm's portraits are rich - with sex as well as money.

Whose pictures do you prefer? Terry's (left) or Olivier's (right)? (Warning: it gets really confusing when the photographer turns up in their own shots - or is it in each other's shots?) You can even vote over on our Facebook page.

Note: Both generally shoot on a Panasonic DMC GF1 at ISO200 ? Terry prefers shooting Auto or Aperture Priority in RAW format and Olivier prefers Manual at JPG.

Words: Christel Escosa