Aug 13, 2015 10:51AM

The Creator Of 'The Room' Directed An Indie Music Video [Watch]

Vision, vision, vision.

Secret genius Tommy Wiseau has had a crack at making a music video and the results are disappointingly normal. The clip for L.A. indie band Corsica Arts Club, who are still making indie music like it's a thing, is a series of slightly strange exchanges that come nowhere near Tommy's original masterwork The Room.

Tommy does cameo (wearing a blond wig and glasses for some reason) with the classic line, "Love is blind" followed by a menacing laugh. There's also a recognisable spiral staircase and many searching gazes to camera. Still very much a legend, Tommy, mispronouncing the band's name, told Noisey

"I enjoy very much working with the band, the Corsica Art Club. I think all the members did very a good job. They have certain vision. Same here. I'm, as a director, always, you know, I'm looking for detailed work. And they present me detailed work like lyrics, they already have the music, and I say 'Okay, let's just analyse what we can do.' The concept was vision, basically — what we can do. What the story? So, we brainstormed this story, and I say 'Romeo and Juliet, what about that? New generation.' And they accepted, and we did rehearsal, and that's the finished product. So the concept was 'vision, vision, vision.' Thank you."
Ultimately Corsica Arts Club come off looking pretty lame in (Tommy Wiseau-branded) underwear and Lettermans, I guess we'll have to comfort ourselves by rewatching The Room.

Photo and GIF: Tumblr

Lucy Jones