May 12, 2016 1:00PM

The Cure Just Debuted Two New Feeling-Filled Bangers

Boys do cry.

The Cure just kicked off their world tour in New Orleans, giving fans exactly what they've come to expect from the gang's IRL performances — a massive set list, waves of nostalgia and about a zillion encores. As an added bonus, they also decided to drop some new music. Talk about not being worthy. 

The lads debuted two fresh tracks, which are currently being referred to as 'Step Into The Light' and 'It Can Never Be The Same' — a nod to a Drake album of a similar title, perhaps? With classic extended instrumental solos and Rob Smith's plaintive vocals, the songs are true evidence of the fact that The Cure still know how to pump out a jam or two. 

The sound qual isn't great, but you can definitely pick up on the vibes and excite yourself for when they come to Australia by having a listen below: And then peep them in action:

Also, while you're on a The Cure froth binge, you should defs check out Jamila Woods' new track 'Heavn', which smooshes the band's 'Just Like Heaven' with The Roots' 'Eve' in a super angelic way. <3 
Photo: Tumblr 

Madeleine Woon