Jun 01, 2015 3:05PM

'The Grand Budapest Hotel' Meets 'The Shining' [Watch]


What would happen if Wes Anderson were to team up with the ghost of Stanley Kubrick? They'd probs make a movie about a beautiful hotel where bad things start to happen.

YouTuber Steve Ramsden has created a spot-on trailer for a movie that we really wish existed in which Jack Torrance checks into The Grand Overlook Hotel for a whimsical romp full of Mendl's cakes, beautiful decor and a slow descent into madness.

We've seen a bunch of mash-ups in our time, but this one works particularly well — party because both directors have a habit of framing their shots in a similar one (read: symmetrically) and partly because the idea of Wes Anderson directing a horror movie/thriller isn't actually that far-fetched.

Nadia Bailey