Aug 21, 2014 2:32PM

These Selfie Tees Will Look Good In Your Selfies

$166 worth of 'likes'. No judgement.
Hi, selfie-obsessed shoppers! Do you ever find yourself, one arm outstretched, mid-squat and wish you were wearing a t-shirt that flattered your face and neck area more than the one you're currently wearing? Then congratulations, you're super egotistical. But even still, there's a tee out there for YOU. A Central Saint Martins graduate, Timur Kim has created a range of unisex tees designed to look good in selfies. You might think that no amount of neck-bound graphics will make you look any better in a selfie than you were born looking, but you are wrong. Because fashion (look it up). 
The tees go for $166 USD a pop, and you'll find that they come in some pretty great prints. As the designer explains, "When you're doing a selfie, you capture only the face and the area below the neck. What makes these shirts perfect for taking selfies is that all the designs are concentrated around this area. Everything is in the right place for the photograph."
It's not just an ingenious marketing plan either — Kim's handmade, selfie-focussed fashion is (also) a clever commentary. As he says, "I don't really do selfies. I like to keep to myself, and I don't like to be photographed. But the selfie is a huge phenomenon, especially in fashion, because [fashion] is such a self-centric industry. We all want to be part of it. We all want to be exposed, often through the clothes we wear and the style we choose. So I thought why not get people to take a selfie in my work?"