Nov 07, 2013 12:43PM

Timothy Leary's Secret Video Game

A 'Neuromancer' redux feat. Williams S Burroughs, Keith Haring, David Byrne, Grace Jones and Devo.

We're really sad this morning — we just learnt about the best video game of all time, and sadly, it was never completed. But it might be! Thanks to some bros at the New York Public Library, who're currently preserving the work of Dr. Timothy Leary. What? You didn't know that the famed guru of LSD went through a game developing phase in the 80s? 

He sure did — developing games with names like 'Mind Mirror', 'Flashbacks' and 'Headcoach.' But the coolest and most unfinished achievement from the tuner-iner and dropper-outer was a game version of the sci-fi literature classic Neuromancer by William Gibson. 
Tim-Lear really wanted to make this one good, so he enlisted some of the 80s greatest thinkers to help him. Beat poet and unintentional wife-shooter William S. Burroughs was due to work on the game's production with him and it was set to feature cameos from David Byrne and Grace Jones, music by Devo, and artwork by Keith Haring. Can you even begin to imagine what a game like would be like?
Hopefully, we'll be able to see for ourselves once the New York Library guys hurry up and preserve/re-issue it, so someone can put it online for us to play. Nudge Nudge.