Sep 12, 2016 11:02AM

Ur Boy Banksy Is Getting His First Massive Exhibition In Australia Next Month

Graff city.

Big news, guys! Graff artist Banksy is coming to a (gallery) wall near you next month. The non-conforming rat-enthusiast's greatest street art will be hanging out at The Paddock in Melbourne — aka 'Straya's street art capital — from October till January next year, and there will be over 80 of his most famous works on display. It's no Dismaland, but we are already sussing flights to Melbs 'cause Banksy! 

An exhibition featuring all of the anti-establishment icon's most notable works, hanging in a conventional gallery space, sounds like the most un-Banksy thing Banksy could ever do. And that's because Banks didn't actually OK it — The Art of Banksy was curated by his former manager, Steve Lazarides, and is entirely unauthorised. Cheeky.

"This exhibition is a one off — never will you be able to see this amount of work in one place again," Steve said. "Once the show is over, the artwork will dissipate back to the other 40 collectors around the world, and the likelihood of them being brought together again in the future is very slim."

All Banksy's big ones will be on display — Girl with Balloon, Laugh Now and Flag Wall — and we'll also be intro'd to several artworks that have never been seen by the public before. These works will sit alongside other important street artists, including: Adnate, Bailer, Heesco, Makatron and Ruskidd. Sign us up. 

The Art of Banksy will be open daily from 12pm-8pm at The Paddock in Federation Square from October 7 to January 22. Tickets start from $30 and are on sale right meow

Photos: @banksy 

Madeleine Woon