Nov 07, 2011 12:00AM

Uslu Airlines' Non-Toxic Nail-Polish Remover

Your nails can breathe a sigh of relief.

Finally, someone has created a nail-polish remover that won't burn nostrils or peel off layers of skin when we use it. Uslu Airlines have just released BIO, a "water-based, gentle-by-concept" nail-polish remover that doesn't involve death-by-solvent and harsh chemicals. The removal process may take a little bit longer than normal - a whole 30 seconds, gosh! - but the gentle breakdown of crystals that activate when applied to your nails is well worth the wait.

Uslu Airlines' five reasons why we should give our nails a break and use BIO:

1. No aggressive fumes, no headaches

2. Pleasantly soft smell, much like a luxurious liquor (but still: please do not drink!)

3. Attacks the polish only, leaves your nails alone

4. Clean removal without 'smearing' and 'messing up'

5. Can be safely used indoors, even with the windows closed

Well... no arguments here!

The Berlin-based cosmetics brand boast a collection of over 200 outrageous shades of nail polish, lipstick and powder, and they've even created an Air O Pac airbrush make-up applicator. Uslu are well-known for their product names, which use the three-letter codes for airports (BIO is code for the airport of Bilbao Sondica in Spain), but they've also done some really unique collaborations over their time, with the likes of Loco Dice, Ed Banger and Bernhard Willhelm.

Words: Rachael Perry