Sep 28, 2011 12:00AM


Will Alexander Wang go to Dior?

As we all know, the job at Dior is still up in the air with any news on Galliano's successor under tight embargo. The fashion world loves nothing more than the chance for a bit of speculation and so here at Oyster - in opposition to front-running candidate Mr. Marc Jacobs - we propose Alexander Wang for the role of Creative Director. But this is not Wang as we know it - this is WANGIANO! (We decided this title has more European flair than the almost Antipodean-sounding Galliwang...)

The WANGIANO Manifesto (aka The WANGIFESTO):

1) Sport couture has been on our horizons for a while now (thank you Raf Simons at Jil Sander) but combining the street style power of Alex with the Dior couture atelier could really take it to the next level.

2) Galliano had a signature (if not slightly ridiculous) style of taking his bow. Alex is known for making a crazy mad dash, with hands in the air and hair flowing. WANGIANO would combine the two, in costume, rushing manically half way down the runway to take up some excessive posing (obviously with bodyguards in attendance).

3) When was the last time someone young has taken over a couture house? And what a success Ricardo turned out to be at Givenchy. The world is ready for a designer who currently makes $80 tank tops to start work at the world's greatest couture house. Yes, that's right, Alex: the world's greatest couture house. Are you ready?


Words: Rupert Bickersteth

Main image: Shane Sakkeus