Mar 19, 2014 11:35AM

Watch: Blood Orange 'You're Not Good Enough' Live

And his Letterman performance with Le1f.

Blood Orange (aka the deliciously talented Dev Hynes) has performed 2013 single 'You're Not Good Enough' alongside his girl Samantha Urbani at the latest Converse gig in London. It's a crazy good performance — big energy from the band, enviable dance moves (Samantha, can you pass us the number of whoever taught you those?) and a hugely adoring crowd. Check out the performance here.

And being the modern transatlantic man that he is, Dev also played a show in New York recently in another guise; as bass player for rapper and Oyster #103 interviewee Le1f on the Late Show with David Letterman! Watch below to behold even more dance moves from Mr Hynes.