May 22, 2012 12:32PM

Watch: Lady Gaga's Simpsons Episode

See the complete episode here (most likely for a limited time only).

Lady Gaga's Simspons episode aired in the US on Sunday night, and now it's available on YouTube (most likely for a limited time only). In the season finale, Gaga arrives in Springfield (wearing a flaming bra, no less) on a mission to spread joy and happiness after her telepathic powers tell her that Lisa's feeling down. Lady Gaga teaches Lisa —  who has just been voted the most unpopular kid in school — to embrace her inner-freak. 

Cue Gaga performing uplifting song 'You're All My Little Monsters', which preaches self-love through lyrics like, "Monsters don't need implants or a bitchin' Monster car, Monsters only need to love the Monsters that they are." She undergoes 18 outfit changes in the episode and even shares a pash with Marge, because what would a Gaga cameo be without a bit of controversy?

Not that we condone illegal activity OF ANY KIND, but you can watch the episode below until the internet police take it down: