Feb 24, 2016 11:58AM

Watch Rosamund Pike Get Possessed To Dance In Massive Attack's Freakay New Clip

Voodoo in my blood.

Bristol tri-hop bois Massive Attack have just released the video for their Young Fathers collab 'Voodoo In My Blood' and it is lit. The track comes from Massive Attack's surprise Ritual Spirit EP that showed up on the internet last month.

The video more than lives up to the eerie swirling beats and ritualistic repetition of the song, with Rosamund Pike turning the creep factor up 100%. In the clip, Rosie gets possessed by a floating ball via a shudder-inducing eye stab, and begins to laugh menacingly and throw herself around a subway tunnel. 

The futuristic trash-fest is pretty reminiscent of scenes from European cult horror movies Possession and Phantasm that you'll really want to unsee. Who knew creepy floating balls were such a thing?

To add to the madness, Rosamund released the following statement:

"Am I involved?... Someone said the girl in the video looks like me. I have been to the Joe Strummer subway. I did have a strange encounter there once."

Check out the full spine-shivering thing below. 

Photo: YouTube

Via: Pitchfork

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