Jul 21, 2017 6:47PM

Watch A Flipped Out New Trailer For The 'Rocko's Modern Life' Movie

Oh boy!
We've been promised a cinematic return from legendary Nick toon Rocko's Modern Life and oh boy have they deleivered. The trailer is out today and it's one hell of a ride for our anxiety-ridden mate Rocko.
The trailer opens with the whole crew being stoked to be back on Earth, but one thing isn't quite as it should be — it isn't the 90s anymore. Heffer and Filbert don't seem to mind too much, they're hell bent on updating their new o-phones. Rocko, on the other hand, is totally flipping out.
The humour is exactly how you'd expect it, with blatant digs at upper middle class food truck culture and 3D printing, plus a subtle dis on the Apple watch via a background advertisement that promised you'll "look like a tool!" if you get the new o-watch. Lol #accurate.
Photo: Tumblr

Hayley Morgan