Mar 23, 2017 4:21AM

Watch The Trailer For The Lindsay Lohan Reality Show Ur Gunna Hate Watch Hard

Here we go.
Lindsay Lohan certainly has a lot of energy these days. As well as being a humanitarian, adopter of a new euro accent, getting deep on Muslim faith, making fahsion, trying to get a Parent Trap sequel (keen), she's also been working on a reality show.
As much as we reaaaallllly wanted this to be like Candidly Nicole, it's not. But it could be better in a hate watch kind of way. The show is titled The Anti-Social Network and it's basically this thing where LiLo hijacks randos accounts and makes them do stuff for prizes. Great, right? Yes. Confirmed when Lindsay opens the trailer with "I'm back, bitches."
If you're feeling unsure about Lindsay's expertise when it comes to social media, be assured when she claims "I am social media." Apparently, too, she'll be opening up about the "criticism and pressure" she has felt through social media throughout her career, and the show will help us learn "what it's like to live as Lindsay." Here we go.

Hayley Morgan