Jun 23, 2015 12:53PM

Why 'Kids' Is Still The Best

20 years on.

Kids is one of those rare pieces of pop culture that cut through to reality in such a disturbing way that we're still talking about it today. Looking back on how it happened, it's hard to believe the film even exists — a 19-year-old writer (Harmony Korine), a 16-year-old skater (Leo Fitzpatrick) and a photographer who wanted to make movies (Larry Clark) created one of the rawest on-screen depictions of youth culture ever and got it distributed to an international audience.

The now iconic movie is celebrating its 20th year on the planet, and to celebrate the cast and crew are preparing to reunite for a live Q&A and screening in Brooklyn this week. "The whole thing was crazy," Korine told the Guardian in an interview today. "It was strange and it didn't seem real, but at the same time it all made perfect sense to me. Even though Larry and I had never done anything and were complete amateurs, we were still very ambitious."

"I was surprised that the movie would cause such a ruckus and that many people were that upset. I really enjoyed that. I think watching all the grownups flip out was the most fun for me," said Korine. "It would be impossible to make that film now. You could never get away with it."

Both Harmony and Leo Fitzpatrick (whose first acting experience was that uncomfortably real opening scene) also emphasised how natural the film felt, explaining that it was an unfiltered record of their everyday lives in the city. A fact that frees the film from early criticism that is was smutty and voyeuristic, although its subject matter remains pretty dark.

Time to look back at some of Kids' best moments as a shout out to the film that launched the careers of great humans Chloë Sevigny, Harmony Korine, Larry Clark, Rosario Dawson and Leo Fitzpatrick.

It provided us with the realest girl talk scene/the truth about sex.

This awkward tampon scene that's still yet to be adapted for a tampon ad. Missed opportunity.
90s club culture vibes. 

All the IRL skateboarders/bad boiz.

Plus, peak Chloë Sevigny.

Kids' 20th anniversary screening is happening at BAM in Brooklyn on June 25.

Photos and GIFs: Tumblr

Lucy Jones