Aug 27, 2015 12:09PM

Why 'My So Called Life' Is Still The Best Angsty Teen Drama Actually Ever

Dear diary, mood: apathetic.

Angela Chase is our spirit animal and her internal monologues taught us many, many life lessons. As did her best friends Rayanne Graff and Enrique Vasquez, who were very troubled but very fab. Sure, Dawson's Creek gave us verbose conversations and moral lessons and Freaks and Geeks gave us rebellion, young James Franco and THIS, but My So Called Life was the most teenage teen drama ever.

News broke this week that Rayanne, aka A.J. Langer, has just become a British countess, which is pretty much the last thing you could ever imagine happening to Rayanne. This strange turn of events got us thinking about why we love My So Called Life so much, please join us in remembering the beautiful moments/people it's given us.

Angela, you are the wisest 15-year-old of life.

Jared Leto, aka Jordan Catalano, let us teach you how to read, you beautiful soul. (Get out of it, Brian).
But why do you have to be the worst?

Our 15-year-old selves were SO: same.

Rayanne had the best/most diverse hairstyles of any one TV show character ever.

Enrique was just a straight legend. Exhibit A: that time he ripped on the d-floor.
PS: What is love?

"You're so beautiful it hurts to look at you." Lol, Ang stop. 

All of the deep bathroon chats.

MSCL 4 eva.

Photos and GIFs: Tumblr

Lucy Jones