Jan 27, 2016 4:11PM

Wiz Khalifa Turned Adele's 'Hello' Into A Smash 420 Hit

Pretty dope.

Wiz Khalifa's love for the bud isn't really classified info — the guy is as smoke-friendly as Snoop Dogg and RiRi, and his 'gram account exists purely to let us know how fried he gets (heaps) and how often (always). Makes sense then that he just reworked Adele's 'Hello' into a moving tribute to blunts under the apt title 'Hella O's'. 

The beautiful, less morose version of the OG track came about when Wiz dropped by The Cruz Show yesterday and was asked if he could write over any beat. Answer: yes. Proof: impromptu freestyle efforts below. The presenter lip-syncs the intro, inducing a solid stoner lol from Wiz before he really clarifies his stance on weed by pumping out lyrics like, "Roll one up and let's get high/ I am trying to get fried" and, "I got a grinder/ I got a bong/ I got some weed/ so let's make a song." It's all pretty solid stuff, but the definite highlight is when he has to ask what her song is called at the end. RIP us. 

Sit back, ~relax~ and enjoy the show: 

Photo: @mistercap 

Madeleine Woon