Sep 10, 2014 3:15PM

Wrangler x Holly Ryan Collection

Bohemian dream collab, shot by Ryan Kenny.

Denim icons Wrangler and Queensland jewellery designer Holly Ryan have teamed up to create a 70s daydream of a capsule collection. If you can imagine Jane Birkin rocking the best jeans ever, embellished with an explosion of rainbows and zigzags, you're pretty much there.

The collection is made for spouting 70s slang like 'bitchin! It's essentially the bomb. Can you dig it?

Wrangler and Holly hits the denim side of things out of the park, featuring cuts and silhouettes inspired by the former's far-reaching archive (plus resurrecting their iconic rainbow patch) — bringing the rainbows and zigzags into your post-high school life.

Photos: Ryan Kenny