May 19, 2017 12:24PM

Wrap Sheet: Pageant Girls Are Club Ready @ MBFWA

Untz untz.
One Australian label that has a hard time doing anything wrong is Pageant. The girls brought their pieces up from Melbourne and put on one very club ready / outdoor explorer show at Carriageworks. We've been poppin' off stories and pics on the @oystermagazine and @mbfw Instagram accounts, so tap that icon for clips direct from the show.
First thoughts:
Fun and cool swimwear meets lowkey raver meets quite partial to a good hike. Pageant once again nailed the swim stuff, but brought in some really excellent bright orange bags and bumbags. Hair and makeup was ultra fresh — bare faces with hot yellow eyes. The girls also wore the new Gatto collection from POMS, which was just a match made in cool girl heaven.
The girls:
Feels like:
Dancing in the sun.
Looks like:
Sounds like:
The verdict: 
Always a pleasure.

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Photos: Max D'orsogna

Hayley Morgan