Jul 08, 2015 10:39AM

Yung Lean Just Put Out A Fresh New Track Through Adult Swim

Ice cold.

Yung Lean continues to prove that he is a legit musician/cool on the internet with a new track released through the good guys over at Adult Swim. The Swedish rapper with mad steez and one of the fannest fanbases on the webs spits some hypnotic raps on 'Crystal Clear Ice'.

Yung Lean is joined by fellow Sad Boy Yung Sherman who provides the trap vibes on the minimal, spacey track. As the song title suggests, the subject matter is hard drugs and phones, with Yung Lean rhyming man with man a lot: "Cr-cr-crystal clear ice / I'm feelin' like the snow, man / When I came through, everybody seemed so slow, man / The loud makes me slow, man / I do this for my snowman / I don't want to answer / I don't like to use my phone, man."

This collab, part of Adult Swim's singles project, goes to show that the network/label that supports Tim and Eric, Bob's Burgers etc. still knows what's up when it comes to things that are good to watch and listen to.Photo: @yunglean2001

Lucy Jones